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Carl has been in the graphic design industry (professionally) for 7 years now. He considers himself to be a creative and very functional graphic designer. He has a great interest in typography and believes his two year study of this sole subject, has helped him in his career so far and he thinks it's a great foundation for any enthusiastic graphic designer to have. He see’s type not only as a written word but as an image too.

Carl is currently employed by Blackpool and The Fylde College, based in Blackpool in the north west of England. He has the ability to take a project right from the start, through to the finish and this was due to working with a very close knit team of designers, developers and copywriters. His initial strengths were in print and for him it's still an essential part of graphic design but web design dominates a lot of the market place these days and his development skills and knowledge are developing by the day (due to having previously worked with a fantastic development team) and he is more than aware of what is required to produce a fully functional and accessible website without compromising on design. Please Carl using the form below, if you think his services may be of use to you.

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